Inotropic Therapy

Innovative Heart Failure Therapy Management Program

Soleo Health's experienced, local teams provide clinical support for patients requiring inotropic therapy. Our interdisciplinary team of pharmacists and registered nurses, in collaboration with our reimbursement specialists,  work together with physicians to develop individualized care plans to ensure positive patient outcomes.

Clinical Experience
The Heart Failure Program is managed by experienced health care leaders who are knowledgeable and highly trained in heart failure and all aspects of home inotropic infusion.

When patient symptoms change, Soleo clinicians contact the managing heart failure team as needed, thus allowing for early intervention.

Reduce Avoidable Events
Soleo employs a variety of programs and protocols expressly designed to reduce avoidable events such as unnecessary hospitalizations and emergency department visits. Our comprehensive approach to care, including a home dose titration protocol and access device interventions, successfully keep patients at home.

Patient Advocacy
Soleo's clinical support team of registered nurses and pharmacists are available 24/7 and promote patient compliance through comprehensive patient education and remote care management. Our reimbursement specialists are trained to provide assistance with coordination of benefits and information on insurance plans and payment options.

We are dedicated to enhancing our patients’ experience through innovative and cost effective solutions resulting in exceptional patient outcomes.

To learn more about Soleo Health’s Heart Failure Therapy Management Program, including inotropic therapy, contact your local branch or call us at 844.244.2340.

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