Community Giving

Hurricane Harvey Assistance Fund

As part of Soleo Health’s commitment to giving back to the communities we serve, we have established this fundraising site to provide Hurricane Harvey assistance to affected Soleo Health patients and employees. With a fundraising goal of $10,000, Soleo Health will match individual fundraising donations up to $10,000. Donated funds will be distributed to Soleo Health patients and employees who suffered significant loss or displacement due to Hurricane Harvey in order to help them gain access to health care services and community support networks. Any funds not utilized to assist these families with qualified expenses will be donated to the American Red Cross fund for Hurricane Harvey relief. If you wish to help, you can donate to Soleo Health’s Hurricane Harvey Assistance Fund by visiting

The Navarro Family evacuated to Fort Worth after their home was destroyed and then received an eviction notice from their apartment complex after it too was condemned. Parents Chris and Aundrea, have a two year old son, Micheal, who has hemophilia and another son who is four years old. During their evacuation, the Navarros made a visit to our Fort Worth branch to meet the team who cares for them (Micheal pictured below at our office). The Navarros are trying to put together enough money to travel back to Rockport to apply for FEMA assistance and regain access to their health care providers and community support networks.

Harvey Family

The De la Garza Family experienced significant damage to their home in Rockport. The house is still standing, but will require extensive work to make it a decent home again. Father, Michael is a single parent with a 9-year old son with hemophilia, Curtis. Michael also is the full-time caregiver for his 83 year old grandmother. Because of the great loss during the storm, he is now caring for his mom, sister, and her 2 children. Michael’s job site was also destroyed in the flood and does not anticipate returning to work for two to three months. Not only is he caring for his entire family, Michael has been busy serving his community in its time of need by volunteering to barbecue and feed others affected by the hurricane. The De la Garza Family is working hard to reconstruct their lives and also gain access to their health care providers and community support networks.

Both families have given our Company permission to share their circumstances with you and to raise funds to support families suffering significant loss from Hurricane Harvey.

If you wish to help, you can donate to Soleo Health’s Hurricane Harvey Assistance Fund by visiting Please note that your donations will not be tax deductible since Soleo Health is not a nonprofit charitable relief organization.

Our Commitment to those we serve

At Soleo Health, our mission is to improve our patients' lives and experiences. As part of this, we consider it our responsibility to make a positive impact in the communities we serve. Whether it is through participation in weekend walks, the events we sponsor, or the charitable donations we provide, we are committed to many organizations who share a mission like our own.

Highlights of Soleo's community service include:

  • Bicycle donations made to national non-profits, including the GBS-CIDP Foundation, the Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF), and the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF).
  • Sponsor or participate in many locally organized events throughout the Unites States, including crab feeds, 5K walks, family days, and more.
  • Organize teams of associates to participate in community events with their families outside of business hours. 

To find out if Soleo is participating in an event near you, please contact your local branch or submit an inquiry.

Boston IDF Walk

Frye - community photo

Soleo walk teams