Sep, 13, 2017

Soleo Health Introduces NutriSole™, an Innovative Specialty Parenteral Nutrition Program

Program Brings Patients, Providers, Health Systems and Payors Positive Patient Outcomes with Quantifiable Clinical and Economic Value

McKinney, Texas, September 13, 2017 – Soleo Health, “Soleo,” an innovative leader in specialty infusion services, announced today it has launched NutriSole™, a new specialty parenteral nutrition therapy program, which offers innovative solutions to patients, providers, health systems and payors, that shows demonstrated positive patient outcomes and quantifiable clinical and economic value.

Through its centers of excellence for nutrition support and dedicated interdisciplinary nutrition support teams of Certified Nutrition Support Clinicians, clinical pharmacists, registered nurses and registered dietitians, NutriSole’s program provides the foundation and infrastructure necessary to apply industry best practice standards. These include prevention of therapy-related complications as well as unnecessary hospitalizations and emergency department visits for patients requiring parenteral nutrition, also known as intravenous nutrition. Incorporating specialized treatment models, such as intravenous home nutrition starts into each patient’s care plan, allows for a seamless transition from hospital to home while managing the total cost of care.

“NutriSole affords prescribing physicians the confidence necessary to entrust their home parenteral nutrition care plan to Soleo Health. In fact, more than 75% of NutriSole’s parenteral nutrition formulations are developed and managed by Soleo’s dedicated nutrition support teams, which allows for a customized nutrition care plan for each patient,” said Craig Vollmer, Soleo Health executive vice president.

Through Soleo’s proprietary clinical outcomes program, SoleMetrics™, and nutrition therapy-specific patient assessments, NutriSole™ captures pertinent outcome data including catheter infection rate, hospitalization, trended weight and laboratory results and patient experience. This intelligence leads to lower catheter infection and hospitalization rates, decreased emergency department visits and enhanced patient experience.

“Powered by SoleMetrics™, our NutriSole program provides Soleo’s clinicians and nutrition support teams the ability to immediately, directly and positively impact patient care through timely clinical interventions and detailed trend analyses. Clinical interventions help avoid or reduce hospitalizations and emergency department visits while increasing adherence to therapies, which stabilizes outcomes. Ultimately, this results in an enhanced patient experience and significant cost savings for the providers and payors involved in the patient’s care,” said Barb Prosser, vice president, clinical operations. “In a healthcare landscape focused on accountable care and cost containment, NutriSole is quickly demonstrating its capabilities in both the quality of care delivered and its economic value,” she concluded.

About Soleo Health

Soleo Health is an innovative national provider of specialty home and alternate-site infusion services. Its team of experienced clinicians provides exceptional care in managing patients with complex or chronic conditions through comprehensive therapy management programs. Taking a consultative approach to customer service, Soleo ensures patients’ clinical needs are met by compassionate and caring associates delivering personalized care, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

Soleo Health operates 18 locations through the U.S. with pharmacy licensure in 49 states, and is accredited by The Joint Commission and URAC. For more information, visit or connect with Soleo Health on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.