Aug, 31, 2020

Soleo Health Named Preferred Provider by AscellaHealth in the Management of Its Hemophilia Patient Population

Company to Provide Clinical Expertise to Pharmacy Benefit Manager’s Members with Bleeding Disorders and Deliver Proprietary Data through its SoleMetrics® Solution

FRISCO, Texas, August 31, 2020 -Soleo Health, an innovative leader and national provider of complex specialty pharmacy and infusion services, announced today it was named one of four exclusive providers by AscellaHealth for the care and management of its hemophilia members. AscellaHealth, a national specialty pharmacy benefit manager (SPBM), serving commercial, Medicare and Medicaid segments, has members spanning more than one million covered lives, including a multitude of hemophilia patients.

Effective July 1, 2020, Soleo Health clinically manages AscellaHealth’s members nationally, providing clinical support to individuals facing challenges associated with this complex, chronic condition. Soleo Health has established therapeutic care management centers staffed with specially trained, interdisciplinary bleeding disorders teams, focused on managing AscellaHealth’s hemophilia members.

Underscoring the AscellaHealth commitment to serving the hemophilia community, its broad-based Hemophilia Management Program includes an expanded budget that allocates significant resources for pharmacy costs. The program demonstrates the role of AscellaHealth to address the specialized health needs of people with chronic or rare diseases.

As a preferred provider, and through its SoleMetrics® proprietary clinical outcomes program, Soleo Health will support AscellaHealth in its efforts to reduce costs and manage patients. SoleMetrics collects and produces valuable data over time by compiling detailed outcomes of patients under its clinical care and will provide key outcomes data to elevate care for people with hemophilia. SoleMetrics has the distinct ability to gather hemophilia-specific data to demonstrate clinical and economic value to AscellaHealth as well as its providers and members, which influenced the decision to choose Soleo Health as a preferred provider.

Dea Belazi, president and chief executive officer at AscellaHealth, says, “We believe Soleo Health has created a true center of excellence as it relates to appropriately caring for hemophilia patients — an important constituency within our member base. Soleo Health was selected as a preferred provider partner to assist in the clinical management of our hemophilia patients, based on its unparalleled outcomes data-driven reporting capabilities and clinical expertise. This emphasis complements AscellaHealth’s Hemophilia Management Program and approach and will contribute to our ability to deliver meaningful solutions while enhancing care.”

Belazi explains that the AscellaHealth hemophilia program is based upon an all-encompassing data analytics interface technology solution, which captures, integrates and provides unlimited amounts of prescription data and healthcare outcome analytics in a real-time platform.

“SoleMetrics will strengthen the power of our program as we work to improve patient compliance, control utilization management and realize incremental savings,” says Belazi.

Drew Walk, Soleo Health’s chief executive officer, adds, “Over the years, Soleo Health has acquired deep and notable clinical experience in treating those with bleeding disorders. Additionally, SoleMetrics is continually helping payors, providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers gain critical insights into outcomes through real-world evidence data reporting used to improve patient care and quality of life. SoleMetrics distinguishes our Company in the marketplace, as evidenced by this new, preferred provider arrangement with AscellaHealth.”

About AscellaHealth

AscellaHealth, a national SPBM serving commercial, Medicare and Medicaid segments, offers high-quality prescription drug management services along with a range of other customizable services. These services include specific specialty pharmacy and cost-savings discount programs through its unique and proprietary service that extends discounts on prescription medications to customers more than any other industrywide. Visit

About Soleo Health

Frisco, Texas-based Soleo Health is an innovative national provider of complex specialty pharmacy and infusion services, administered in the home or at alternate sites of care. Soleo Health’s interdisciplinary team, comprised of experienced clinical pharmacists and registered nurses, utilizes a consistent patient management process, which leads to quantifiable clinical and economic value while improving the patient experience.

Soleo Health operates 20 locations throughout the U.S. with national nursing coverage and pharmacy licensure in 50 states, and is accredited by The Joint Commission. For more information, visit or connect with Soleo Health on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.