Welcome to Soleo Health where we help you simplify your complex care. In this video you will learn how to administer your gravity infusion.

Your medication has been pre-mixed by the Soleo Health pharmacist and placed in a plastic bag. Store all medication as directed. Some medications need to be refrigerated or frozen for stability.

  • Although very uncommon, if the medication is frozen, remove a day’s supply each morning and place in the refrigerator to thaw.
  • Remove one dose from your refrigerator one hour prior to infusing to allow the medication to warm to room temperature. NEVER HEAT OR MICROWAVE the medication.
  • Change the IV tubing as directed by your nurse.
  • Tubing is used for a full 24 hours regardless of number of doses. If you have multiple doses due within a 24-hour period, you will be provided with caps to place on the end of the tubing between doses.

1. Wash hands thoroughly using soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Dry with a paper towel. Use your towel to turn off the faucet.
2. With an antibacterial wipe, clean your work surface.
3. Gather supplies on your clean work surface.
a. IV Bag
b. IV tubing set
c. Alcohol wipes
d. Flush syringes
e. Tubing caps (if provided)
f. Antimicrobial caps (if provided)
4. Inspect your IV site for:
a. Redness
b. Swelling
c. Tenderness
d. Warmth
If there is a change, do not infuse and contact your nurse.
5. Inspect your medication.
a. Is it expired?
b. Is it the right medication?
c. Is your name on the bag?
d. Are there any visible specks or floating particles in the medication?
e. Each dose should be free of cracks, leaks, floating objects and discoloration. If you have any doubts, call your Soleo Health pharmacist.
6. Remove tubing from wrapper, close the clamp.
7. Remove the protective covers from the IV bag administration port and the IV tubing spike.
8. Push the spike in the administration port, making sure you don’t touch the spike.
9. Hang the bag on the IV pole and squeeze the drip chamber on the tubing until the chamber is half full.
10. Open the clamp to fill tubing with fluid. Allow the tubing to fill completely. When the fluid reaches the end of the tubing, close the clamp.
11. Swab the end of your IV needleless connector using an alcohol wipe. Allow to air dry. DO NOT blot or fan.
12. Remove the cap from the saline flush.
13. Holding syringe upright, gently pull plunger back to loosen and then push the plunger up to remove the air from the syringe.
14. Gently but firmly flush your catheter with the prescribed amount of saline. Swab the end of your IV needleless connector using an alcohol wipe. Allow to air dry. DO NOT blot or fan.
15. Remove the protective cap from the end of the tubing and attach the tubing to your needleless connector.
16. Open clamp and adjust to release number of drops per minute as instructed by your nurse to start the infusion. If using a flow rate controller, set flow rate dial to the rate instructed by your nurse, then open clamp to start the infusion. When the infusion is complete, close the clamp.
17. Disconnect the tubing from the IV needleless connector.
18. Swab the IV needleless connector with alcohol and flush the IV catheter with saline flush solution as before.
19. Swab the end of your IV needleless connector again with alcohol and allow to air dry.
20. Follow with a heparin flush if instructed to do so using the prescribed amount.
21. Call your nurse if you are unable to flush your catheter or meet resistance.
22. Apply antimicrobial cap to needless connector, if provided.
23. If administering two or more doses per day, place tubing cap on the end of the tubing, if provided. Keep the spike in the bag of completed medication until you are ready to spike the next dose.
24. If there is air in the tubing from the previous dose, prime the tubing as instructed.
25. After the last dose for a 24-hour period is administered, discard the used medication bag and tubing in the appropriate waste container.