Welcome to Soleo Health where we help you simplify your complex care. In this video you will learn proper handwashing technique.

Before touching the catheter or your supplies, it is important to wash your hands to remove bacteria. This will help to prevent infection of your catheter. Use an antibacterial liquid soap and paper towels. DO NOT use bar soap or a cloth towel

1. Turn on the water.

2. Wet your hands and wrists.

3. Apply the soap into your hands and rub hands together to generate a good lather.

4. Scrub your hands thoroughly for a minimum of 20 seconds. A good guide for 20 seconds is to hum “Happy Birthday” twice.

5. Rinse your hands holding them with your fingers pointing downward. Allow the water to run down from your wrists to your fingers.

6. Dry your hands with a clean paper towel.

7. Turn off faucet using a paper towel. Do not touch the faucet handles with your clean hands.

8. Once you have washed your hands, do not touch anything except your catheter and supplies. If you touch anything such as personal items or furniture, wash your hands again.