Effective Date: September 3, 2014

Date Last Revised: June 28, 2018

The following notice describes how your health information may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information. Please review the information below carefully. This notice applies to all Soleo Health affiliated pharmacy locations, which are listed on our website at www.soleohealth.com.

We are required by law to protect the confidentiality of health information about you (called “Protected Health Information”). We are also required by law to provide you with this Privacy Notice explaining your rights and our privacy practices.

How We May Use and Disclose Your Protected Health Information

Treatment: We may use your Protected Health Information and share it with other healthcare providers who are treating you, such as when necessary to provide infusion pharmacy and nursing treatment services for you. You may be contacted by us to remind you of any appointments or refill reminders or to discuss your healthcare treatment options.

Payment: We may use your Protected Health Information and share it with payors/insurers in order to bill and receive payment for the health care services we provide to you. We may also contact you to discuss your insurance/billing options.

Operations: We may use your Protected Health Information and share it when necessary to operate our company, such as performing quality improvement activities, conducting patient satisfaction surveys, and assessing staffing and equipment needs. We may also share your information with business associates who are contractually obligated to protect the privacy of your health information the same way we are.

Fundraising: We may contact you for charitable fundraising activities efforts, but you have the right to request that we discontinue such communications.

Non-Routine Situations: Your Protected Health Information may be released in other non-routine situations, such as:

  • To government agencies responsible for overseeing health care quality or billing practices
  • To address public health and safety issues, including reporting communicable diseases, helping with product defect recalls, reporting adverse reactions to health oversight agencies
  • To report suspected abuse, neglect, or domestic violence to the proper authorities
  • To prevent or reduce a serious threat to your health or safety or someone else’s health or safety
  • As required or permitted by state law governing workers’ compensation programs
  • For health research purposes if we follow a special approval process protecting patients’ privacy
  • To law enforcement officials in certain situations, such as in response to an investigative demand or to help identify or locate a suspect, fugitive, material witness, or missing person
  • In response to a court or administrative order, a subpoena, or as required or allowed by law
  • For military, national security, and presidential protective services
  • To organ procurement organizations related to organ and tissue donation/transplant requests
  • To a coroner, medical examiner, or funeral director when necessary for them to do their job

Friends, Family Members and Disaster Organizations: You may give us permission to communicate with a family member or friend to help facilitate your treatment or payment of your health care bills. In addition, if there is an emergency situation and you are unable to give us permission, we may still share your Protected Health Information with your friends, family, or disaster relief organizations to help identify whether you are safe or to make sure you receive proper health care in the emergency.

Authorizations: Except as described above, we may not use or disclose your Protected Health Information without first receiving written authorization from you. We will never sell your Protected Health Information or use or disclose your Protected Health Information for marketing purposes without your written authorization. You may revoke your authorization at any time by contacting the Privacy Officer at the address or telephone number below, but only for information, we have not already released in reliance upon your initial authorization.

Your Rights Regarding Your Protected Health Information

Please contact your local Soleo Health branch to exercise any of the following rights. You have the right:

  • To request restrictions on the way we use or disclose your Protected Health Information for treatment, payment, or operations purposes. We are not required to agree to your request unless your request relates to information about a service or health care item that you paid for out-of-pocket in full, and the disclosure is to your health insurer for payment or operations purposes.
  • To receive paper or electronic copies of Protected Health Information, we use to make decisions about you, such as your medical or billing records. We may charge a reasonable, cost-based fee for such copies.
  • To request changes to correct your Protected Health Information. We will review your request and make changes if we agree they are reasonable, and if we do not, we may say “no” and tell you why in writing within 60 days.
  • To ask us to contact or communicate with you in a certain way (e.g., home or mobile phone) or to send mail to a different address. We will agree to all reasonable requests.
  • To request a list of who accessed or received your Protected Health Information, and for what purpose, during the past 6 years from the date of your request. This list will not include all disclosures of your Protected Health Information that we have made; for example, it will not include routine disclosures of your information for treatment, payment and health care operations purposes. We will provide you with one list a year for free, but we may charge a reasonable, cost-based fee for additional lists within a year.
  • To be informed promptly if a breach occurs that may have compromised the privacy or security of your unsecured Protected Health Information.
  • To complain to us and/or the Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services about our privacy practices. You may contact us by writing to the Privacy Officer at the address or phone number below. We will not retaliate against you for filing any complaint.

We may make changes to this Privacy Notice at any time, and the changes will apply to all information we have about you. We will post the latest version of our Privacy Notice on our website at www.soleohealth.com. You may request a copy of any revised Privacy Notice, even if you have already received a copy previously.

All questions about this Privacy Notice or about our privacy practices should be directed to the Privacy Officer in writing at Soleo Health, 11 Trafalgar Square, Suite 101, Nashua, NH 03063, by email at privacy@soleohealth.com or by phone at 833.234.1010.