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Comprehensive Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Management

Patients receiving Multiple Sclerosis (MS) therapy will be supported through our Therapeutic Care Management Center (TCMC). Our TCMC is staffed with specially trained interdisciplinary teams comprising highly experienced therapy-care pharmacists, registered nurses, reimbursement specialists and patient-care ambassadors. Our TCMC is supported by our specialty pharmacies located nationwide with pharmacy licensure in all 50 states.

Soleo Health offers personalized service and exceptional care for patients receiving therapy.

Get Advice on MS Treatment and Home Care

What is the best treatment for multiple sclerosis? It ultimately comes down to the individual. Neurological disorders are, by their nature, complex. For more information on how to manage your MS, and how Soleo Health can help, contact our TCMC: 

For more information, contact our TCMC:


toll-free phone: 844.575.1515

toll-free fax: 844.276.4128

FAQs About MS Treatment

Why Should I Consider Multiple Sclerosis Home Care?

There are many benefits to home care, including:

  • Treatment in the comfort of your own home
  • Convenience, particularly if you have mobility issues

Unsure if MS home care is right for you? At Soleo Health, our dedicated support team will explain your options so you can make the best choice for your needs.

Can Home Care Help if I Have Comorbidities?

Yes. MS home care is safe for patients with comorbidities. This is because they do not leave their home or travel to and from appointments, which reduces the risk of picking up an illness or infection.

How Do I Know If Treatment Is Working?

Your personal treatment provider will monitor your condition. If they have any concerns about your progress, these can be discussed. You can also raise any issues or worries you have with your provider.

Is There a Multiple Sclerosis Medication List?

At Soleo Health, we tailor MS treatment to you, following your physician’s recommendations. Classes of medication we offer include immune modulators, monoclonal antibodies, and interferon betas. Our multidisciplinary team will carefully assess your condition to determine which medicine might be right for you.

Where Can I Learn More About New Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis?

You can contact our Therapeutic Care Management Center (TCMC) to discuss evolving treatments for MS. Alternatively, you can visit the National MS Society website, which provides information on treatment options.

How Much Does MS Treatment Cost?

It depends on the specific MS treatment and whether your insurance covers it. Depending on the medication, copay assistance might be available from the product manufacturer. If you need help with copays, contact Soleo Health for more information.

Why Should I Choose Soleo Health for MS Treatment?

At Soleo Health, we simplify complex care to make treatment more easily accessible. We work with experienced physicians to help MS patients manage this complex condition from the comfort of their own homes. You will receive a fully personalized service – we know every patient is unique. 

Our dedicated care team will walk you through the care process, including contacting insurers. No matter where you live in the US, we’re here for you. And if you are able to self-administer MS treatment, our team gives you the knowledge – and confidence – to do so. 

Managing MS should not be overwhelming. Our team will ensure that you feel constantly supported as you explore your MS treatment options. 

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