Welcome to Soleo Health, where we help you simplify your complex care. In this video, you will learn how to prepare your parenteral nutrition infusion (PN).

Your medication has been pre-mixed by the Soleo Health pharmacist and placed in a plastic bag. Store all medication as directed. Some medications need to be refrigerated for stability.

Remove one dose from your refrigerator two to four hours prior to infusing to allow the medication to warm to room temperature. NEVER HEAT OR MICROWAVE the medication.

1. Wash hands thoroughly using soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Dry with a paper towel. Use your towel to turn off the faucet.
2. With an antibacterial wipe, clean your work surface and lay out a sterile drape.
3. Gather supplies on your sterile drape.
a. PN bag
b. Additives (if provided)
c. IV tubing set
d. Alcohol wipes
e  Empty syringes
f. Needles (if not already attached to syringe)
g. Flush syringes
4. Inspect your IV site for:
a. Redness
b. Swelling
c. Tenderness
d.  Warmth

If there is a change, do not infuse and contact your nurse.

5. Inspect your medication.
a. Is it expired?
b. Is it the right medication?
c. Is your name on the bag?
d. Are there any visible specks or floating particles in the medication?

Each dose should be free of cracks, leaks, floating objects and discoloration. If you have any doubts, call your Soleo Health pharmacist.

6. If you are prescribed additives for your PN, continue through these steps. If you have not been prescribed any additives, you can skip to the tubing step.
7. Remove the protective cap from the additive vial.
8. DO NOT remove the cap from more than one multi-dose vial at a time.
9. Wipe the top with the alcohol pad using friction and allow it to air dry. DO NOT blot or fan.
10. Remove the cover from the needle.
11. Pull back the plunger to draw air into the syringe.
12. Draw up as much air into the syringe as you will draw up from the bottle. (Example: 10 mL of air when drawing up 10 mL of multivitamin.)
13. Insert the needle into the additive vial.
14. Hold the vial upside down and inject the air into the vial by pushing on the plunger.
15. Pull back on the plunger slowly until you have drawn up the correct amount of medication.
16. Hold the syringe and needle up and push any air out of the syringe, being careful not to push the medication out with the air.
17. Remove the needle from the bottle.
18. Swap the injection port on the PN bag with an alcohol pad using friction. Allow to air dry. DO NOT blot or fan.
19. Insert the needle into the center of the bag’s injection port.
20. Slowly push the plunger on the syringe, injecting the solution into the bag.
21. Remove the needle.
22. Gently rock the bag back and forth to mix the medication into the PN bag.
23. DO NOT shake your PN bag.
24. Repeat this procedure for each additive if there are multiple.
25. Dispose of the needles in a sharps container.
26. Remove the tubing from the wrapper and close the clamps. Break off the yellow tab from the free flow valve.
27. Remove protective covers from the bag administration port and IV tubing spike.
28. Push the spike into the IV bag’s administration port. DO NOT touch the spike or the end of the administration port.
29. Remove the air from the tubing by squeezing the yellow free-flow clamp, allowing the tubing to fill with fluid.
30. Hold the filter upright until completely filled with fluid, and you see fluid continue past the filter to the end of the line.
31. Continue with instructions for your specific pump to infuse.