Welcome to Soleo Health, where we simplify your complex care. In this video, you will learn how to administer your subcutaneous IG infusion.

Your medication has been pre-mixed by the Soleo Health pharmacist and placed in a plastic bag. Store all medication as directed. Some medications need to be refrigerated for stability.

Remove one dose from your refrigerator one hour prior to infusing to allow the medication to warm to room temperature. NEVER HEAT OR MICROWAVE the medication.

1. Wash hands thoroughly using soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Dry with a paper towel. Use your towel to turn off the faucet.
2. With an antibacterial wipe, clean your work surface and lay out a sterile drape
3. Gather supplies on your sterile drape.
a. Needleless sets
b. VersaRate® or flow rate tubing (depends on pump)
c. Needle set with transparent dressing
d. medication
e. 18-gauge needle or dispensing pin/spike
f. Syringe
g. Pump
h. Gauze pads
i. Alcohol prep pads
j. Adhesive bandage
k. Your infusion journal
l. Extra transparent dressing, if using numbing cream and the cream itself
4. Inspect your medication.
a. Is it expired?
b. Is it the right medication?
c. Is your name on the bottle?
d. Are there any visible specks or floating particles in the medication?
e. Each dose should be free of cracks, leaks, floating objects and discoloration. If you have any doubts, call your Soleo Health pharmacist.
5. If using numbing cream, apply now. If not, skip to the next step.
6. Remove the protective cap and clean each medication vial with a separate alcohol prep pad.
7. Attach a transfer needle or dispensing pin/spike to the top of syringe.
8. Insert the needle into the medication vial stopper. If using an 18-gauge needle, you need to inject air into the vial first to pull up the medication. The amount of air should be the same as the amount of medication you are withdrawing from the vial.
9. If using a dispensing pin, there is no need to insert air before withdrawing the medication.
10. Fill the syringe and then push out any extra air and as many bubbles as possible.
11. If the medication volume to infuse is more than 60 mL, more than one syringe will be required. If more than one syringe is required, you will want to apply a syringe cap or red cap to the original syringe to keep it sterile.
12. Attach the flow regulator to the syringe and the needle to the flow regulator. It is important to attach the end with the circular disk to the syringe.
13. If using the Freedom60® pump, you will use the flow rate tubing starting with F such as F600, F1200, etc.
14. If you are using the SCIg60 pump, your regulator will be called a VersaRate®.
15. Once the tubing is connected, push on the plunger to begin to prime the tubing set. It is important not to prime the medication all the way to the end of the needle.
16. This is called dry priming. You want to prime up to about an inch prior to the end of the tubing/the needle.
17. Wash hands following previous hand washing instructions.
18. If you have applied numbing cream, remove the transparent dressing and wipe off the numbing cream with a gauze pad. Next, wipe the spot with a clean alcohol wipe.
19. Remove the protective cover from the needle and hold onto the wings.
20. Insert your sub q needle at a 90-degree angle. Anchor in place with a transparent dressing.
21. Repeat the step for each needle.
22. Next, check for blood return by pulling back on the plunger. If you do not see red immediately, you are good and can proceed.
23. If you pull back and you see blood in the tubing, clamp off that needle site and remove that needle.
24. You have a few options at this point if you do hit a blood vessel. The first option is to throw away the needle set and re-prime a new one, and start over. The second option is for people with multiple infusion sites. You can clamp off that site and infuse it with the other sites that do not have blood return.
25. Follow the instructions on the infusion pump to connect the tubing. If using the Freedom60® pump, wind the pump. If using the SCIg60 pump, unscrew and load the pump. Lock the syringe into place.
26. If using the Freedom60® pump, turn the “on/off” dial to “on”.
27. If using the SCIg60 pump, turn your VersaRate® to the desired position. Once you screw in the syringe all the way, the pump is going.
28. Set the flow rate as advised by your nurse.
29. The pumps will run until empty and stop on its own.
30. Remove all the transparent dressings carefully to avoid removing the needle with the dressing.
31. Once the transparent dressing is removed, remove the needle, again trying to maintain a 90-degree angle.
32. Dispose of the needles in the sharps container. You can cut the needles off and throw the rest of the supplies in the trash can.