Soleo Health provides personalized specialty healthcare to patients nationwide with chronic, rare, and complex conditions. As our patient, you become part of the Soleo Health family. All it takes to start your journey with us is a referral from your healthcare provider, which we are happy to take care of for you. We’re open to new patients in Birmingham, AL and surrounding areas. Contact us to discuss a treatment plan.  
Soleo Clinicians are available 24 hours 7 days a week

Hours of Operation

  • Monday: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Friday: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Connect With Us

Contact your local Hoover branch at 205.994.7103 or call our Corporate Services Support at 844.575.1515.

2100 Riverchase Center
Suite 308
Hoover, AL, 35244

p: 205.994.7103
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p: 833.260.8422

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We Can Bring Specialty Therapy to You

Customized treatment is what we do at Soleo Health. That’s why we offer immunoglobulin therapy and many other therapies in the form of IV or SC therapy in Birmingham, AL. Whether at home or in our infusion center we serve the patients who need us. If you can’t come to our infusion center, we can provide a nurse who can travel to you.

Searching for infusion therapy and a specialty pharmacy in Birmingham? Contact us to see how we can assist.

Specialty Pharmacy in Alabama

The goal of our Birmingham specialty pharmacy, is to improve patient outcomes. We care about promoting our patients’ welfare and empowering them to manage their condition. Patients benefit from:

  • Consistent care from highly trained healthcare clinicians
  • Access to cutting-edge complex therapies
  • Advice on medications and side effect management
  • Support and guidance from our warm and friendly staff

What to Expect from Specialty Therapy in Alabama

Everything starts with your healthcare referral. Once referred, you will be connected to a Patient Ambassador.

We believe in consistency of care. That’s why your Patient Ambassador is your main contact point during your onboarding process. They will help you with health benefits and insurance verification as well as answer any questions you may have.

Once you begin to receive your specialty treatments, you can expect:

  • A comfortable setting with recliners and WiFi access
  • Or care in the comfort of your home with a nurse to treat and monitor you
  • A consistent care team that gets to know you and your needs
  • Staff who know how to manage a complex condition like yours
  • Ongoing education and support for your condition

Manage Patient Health and Complex Medical Conditions

It’s simple to refer patients who need infusion therapies to our care.

First, have your provider complete the referral process by sending in a referral. We will connect you to one of our Patient Ambassadors, who will keep you updated on your insurance verification and coordinate the start of your personalized care with an interdisciplinary clinical team. Patients are at the heart of everything we do, and we treat them with the compassion they deserve.

We focus on patients with complex and rare conditions and diseases, so we understand the unique needs of this population. As such, you will receive treatments tailored to your condition.

You will benefit from ongoing care designed to improve your quality of life and reduce symptoms where possible.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Opportunities

Soleo Health partners with manufacturers to provide access to innovative and pioneering treatments. For patients, this means the chance to gain a physician’s treatment recommendation and properly manage symptoms. For providers, it’s reassuring to know that patient safety and comfort are our top priorities.

Contact us to learn more about pharma opportunities and services at Soleo Health.

Our Regional Leadership

Susan Artabasy is our Regional Vice President. She has over 10 years of experience in the home infusion industry and specialty pharmaceuticals. She is passionate about bringing the highest level of patient care to our vulnerable and complex care patients.

She leads teams across Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida with this critical goal in mind.

How to Find Soleo Health in Alabama

You can easily find our Birmingham infusion center. We are located at 2100 Riverchase Center Suite 308, Hoover, AL 35244. Our center is open Monday to Friday 8.30 AM to 5.00 PM.

If you need a late or weekend appointment, we can help you out. Our team endeavors to accommodate every patient.We also have a location in Mobile Alabama.

Contact Soleo Health

Do you need infusion therapy in Alabama? Soleo Health can help. We offer specialty pharmacy services and infusion therapy in Birmingham, AL and surrounding areas. Contact our team by completing our contact form or calling 205.994.7103. Or you can reach our corporate services support team at 844.575.1515.