Alzheimer’s disease affects more than 6 million Americans directly, with millions more family members providing volunteer care. This neurological disorder can be treated, slowing the progression of the disease to improve quality of life.

Both in-home Alzheimer’s care and ambulatory infusion centers (AICS) offer a clear path to treatment. Soleo Health providers dispense infusion therapies such as Leqembi® and Aduhelm® in both settings, offering compassionate care that supports patients and their families.

Find a treatment option that supports your needs or the needs of your loved one — Soleo Health is here to help.

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Comprehensive Alzheimer’s Disease Therapy Management

Patients receiving Alzheimer’s Disease therapy are supported through our Alzheimer’s Disease Therapeutic Care Management Center (TCMC). Our dedicated Alzheimer’s TCMC is staffed with specially trained interdisciplinary teams.

Each team comprises highly experienced therapy-care pharmacists, registered nurses, reimbursement specialists, and patient care ambassadors. Our Alzheimer’s TCMC is supported by our specialty pharmacies located nationwide, with pharmacy licensure in all 50 states.

Soleo Health offers personalized customer service to provider offices and exceptional care for patients receiving therapy.

For more information about Alzheimer’s disease treatment, contact our TCMC:

Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment FAQs

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Whether receiving Alzheimer’s home care or at an AIC, infusion therapy lasts 60 minutes. Patients are monitored by a nurse or provider for an additional 60 minutes following treatment in case of any side effects.

Why is In-Home Alzheimer’s Therapy a Popular Option for Patients?

Alzheimer’s care at home reduces the potential stress from new environments and the logistics of going to appointments. Patients can feel more at ease in a comfortable and familiar place. They also save time traveling, getting back more free time on treatment days.

How Frequently Are Alzheimer’s Infusion Therapies Administered?

Infusions are provided every two weeks.

How Much Does Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment Cost?

Alzheimer’s infusion therapies vary in cost. Insurance may cover the majority of the price. Copay assistance may be available through the manufacturers for patients. We can help determine a patient’s benefits before starting treatment.

How Can You Determine if Alzheimer’s Treatment is Working as Intended?

A patient’s personal provider will monitor the patient’s ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs). Providers will also conduct cognitive assessments to track treatment effectiveness.

Do I Need to Have the Infusion Medication on Hand to Receive Alzheimer’s Therapy at Home?

The medication and supplies will be delivered to the patient’s home before Alzheimer’s in-home care. If using an infusion center, the medication will be ready and waiting for the patient’s appointment.

How Can I Get Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment Approved?

To receive approval, patients must have a baseline MRI dated less than a year from the date of the first infusion. The results of physical and cognitive assessments are also needed, along with clinical notes. Proof of the presence of beta-amyloid plaque is also required.

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