Copay programs for immune globulin

Financial Assistance for Ig Patients

Copay Program Resources

Soleo Health is committed to improving the lives and experiences of those affected by complex and chronic conditions. The following copay program links are provided to assist those researching options to help alleviate the cost of therapy. Please note, these programs are subject to change and this list may not be inclusive of all programs available. Contact your local Soleo Health representative for more information on copay assistance.

Drug NameManufacturerCopay Program Information Link
Gammagard LiquidShire
Gammagard SQShire
GammaplexBPLCopay Support is available for Gammaplex 5% and Gammaplex 10%. Please contact your local Soleo Health representative for details.
Gamunex CGrifols
PrivigenCSL Behring
HizentraCSL Behring